Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doctor Visit...

Howdy howdy everyone!

Romeo had to go to the doctor on Monday for his 18 mo. shots and they weighed him in at 33 1/2 lbs & 36 1/2" tall!
When I got home I looked at Dash's baby book to see how big he was at about the same age...and at 2yrs old, Dash was 40 lbs & 36", with Romeo still having 5 months to grow until he's 2, I say we have two (potentially) 6/over 6 footers on our hands! (Doctors say to double your height at 2 & that is how tall you'll be...which was true with me & my parents, so we'll see with them)

Anyway, all is well in the Dilessa household. Wilder is soon to be done wil night school in May! Whoopie! and hopefully that will lead him to his career of choice. Which, inthe meantime he is finding plenty to do between home repair projects & TWO part-time jobs. I'm sure God will lead upon graduation.

AND, on a sad note, my grandpa died last Friday night, March 7, 2008. He had been sick with bone cancer & we knew that it was terminal. It just progressed quicker than we'd hoped. However, because we know that he put his trust in Jesus, we are confident in his eternal location, and can find peace in knowing that we will one day see him again.

Thank you for your prayers-and I will post again soon.
In Christ, Violet