Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Reunion

So this past weekend (June 20-22) we made our Annual trip to Wilder's family reunion in Mississippi. Before we left I made hair appointments so Dash & Romeo could get trimmed up for the trip. I'm designing a brochure for a hair stylist in our hometown, so we made a trade & she squeezed us in on Thursday before the trip. We went a bit short on Romeo...but I'm glad we did b/c it really fits his personality. He's ALWAYS stirring up something and looking ornery...but quickly recovers by flashing his sweet blue eyes & saying something "Romeo, do you want a spankin'?" ...and then he'll squeal "nooOoOOoooO and run off." He's a mess. Anyway, among his many tricks, this weekend he learned how to give thumbs up...two thumbs. I'll have to post a new picture of that one so you can see how cute his little thumbs really are.

And, my big'un Dash...was exactly that this weekend...constantly dashing around this way & that...catching fish, eating sweet treats, posing for pictures, laughing, chasing his cousins....being chased by his cousins, riding in his Grampy's boat...and loving it. I tell you what-those boys slept REAL hard while we were there...and especially on the way home. I told my mom that today she'd be smart to take them to the pool and then lunch and to bed...b/c I'm not sure they'd make it much past that. They both fell out of the car this morning when I dropped them off on my way to work because they were soooOOooOoooO tired...poor dears.

...not to mention Wilder & I. Whew!! We got in at about 1 a.m. and, as you can imagine, were wore slap out.
I can't wait to get home this evening for a load of laundry and early to bed.
...until next smart, be good.
Violet <><

Monday, June 16, 2008

Learning Spanish...

I just had to share this one...

For the past year, my discipler from church has challenged me to learn all of the books of the Bible. Well...I'm still trying and have been attempting to repeat them in groups of about 4 in front of the kids so they will learn as well....Well, yesterday was reciting them to Dash and got all the way to Jonah when I stopped and Dash said, " Good job Mom! It's so great you know Spanish! "

Oh man, that was great. I laughed my head off :)

Kids are the best! here's to you & your Spanish practice!
-Violet <><