Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture Perfect Rose...

Hello Bloggers & Bloggettes!

Okay...so this morning, my sweetie pie hubby decided to surprise me by putting a fresh-cut rose in my car (in a water bottle)... and I noticed this when I was putting the kids in the car this morning before heading to work. Well, Dash was also pleased with Daddy's offering, and whipped out his Buzz Lightyear (toy) cell-phone & began clicking the button to mimic taking pictures of the rose. he then proceeded to say, "I need to zoom-out," snapped a few more shots, and then keyed in a random set of numbers & said, I'm texting this to Nana. Of course he was. So, expect a post later today of the blessed rose, much adored.

Ahh technology...to the budding eyes of a 4 year old.

Have a great day!!
Violet <><

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gotta love the kids!

Hey there!
Well, here is some more news...Dash has officially grown up. This week he & Romeo started preschool at my mom's church & they are both doing fabulously!! I am so excited! Dash is learning the letter "I" & "i" and they are learning the word "indian" and have even learned a little song that is sooooo sooo soo cute! It starts out, "who's that peeking out from behind that tree? who's that shooting a bow & arrow? who's that grinding corn for cornbread? who's that riding a horse so wild? it's an indian child." AND, there are movements! You should see him pretend to shoot his bow & arrow! He truly looks like Robin Hood....or Squanto. I love it! Great job teachers! AND, Romeo is touting that he has learned to count to 9! ..granted you can make out what he is saying, which is really cute as he puts up each finger, mumbling another word. AND, I officially started my Tues/Wed/Thurs part time schedule which allows me to work until 1:30 & then go get the kiddies! ...which is great b/c I've been working on my freelance pieces at home while they nap. So...all in all a great week!

AND, to top it all off, I ended last week with a HUGE HURRAH as I was able to visit with my long-time friend and college roomate, Neruda!! She was visiting with her new baby & hubby!...also named Wilder! Very cool!And, they are so very happy to be moving from Germany to ENGLAND for the next three years! Which I am extremely excited for her (and for me) about b/c now the family & I have someone very EXCELLENT to visit while we're over there!! Yippie!

I have posted pics Dash took of us at dinner for your amusement. Her baby is sooo adorable! And with very squishy thighs...just the way we like 'em!

God Bless & happy Friday!
Violet <><

Monday, August 25, 2008

oh My!

It has been ashamedly TOO long since I've last posted! And, I have so much to tell!

First, I have become quite a Jane Austen addict. I watch pride & Prejudice as often as possible...with Persuasion, Sense & Sensibility, and Miss Austen's Regrets trailing close behind. And, I cannot wait to write my OWN Story! I've been mulling over several ideas...time period, type of people, story-line, etc. to get a good feel for it...and then will be scouting local competitions once I get a few hundred pages under my wing.

In the meantime, I've been illustrating a children's book, which has been going quite well...and I'm looking forward to seeing it published this year (come Christmas I hope!!) Ad, of course, a few other odd jobs like, working full time, being a mother, cooking, cleaning, organizing, LAUNDRY, you know...just upkeep :)

And as for those lovely kiddies, Romeo LOVES the new LOWE'S that is being built in our town, and each morning on our way to Nana's, he shouts "the Yooooes!!!" We've all come to love & expect his excitement...and when he is somehow distracted by a bug or balloon, his brother will say, "hey Romeo...loook overrr therrre" and then of course, the inevitable happens. THE YOOOOOES!!

And, speaking of Dash, he is dong quite well. His maturity kills me. Some days he can act so grown up I don't know what to do with myself! This past Saturday we went out for a fancy lunch without Wilder...just me & the boys, and they were ANGELS! God was DEFINITELY shining down on our table. Dash even took himself to the bathroom, and returned with washed hands. AND, Romeo ate a FULL BOWL of Egg Drop Soup, a rice ball, chicken, and a fortune cookie! Talk about hungry! And afterward, we had an amazing time at a science museum until daddy could join us for evening fun at yet another restaurant! Talk about a treat! It really was a great day!

And more testimony to how big Dash is getting...he can dress himself, is learning to write his letters, LOVES to tell knock-knock jokes, LOVES to read about animals...mainly dinosaurs and other extinct mammals, and let's not forget matchbox cars (which his daddy especially promotes). As for Romeo...we bought him a weeks worth of big-boy underwear...and it worked the first day. But today, and yesterday, he has decided that underwear is just one step closer to naked or "nakie" as he likes to say. So, back to pull-ups for this week...and we'll try again soon. Another cute thing that Romeo says is "kee-cause" for because. As in, "Romeo, why did you pee in my closet?" "Kee-cause." Niiiice.

Romeo also loves to laugh REALLY REALLY hard...almost like he is crying he laughs so hard. It is a hoot. And he'll put it on too. I'm thinking I need to post a sound byte so you can hear it.

Anyway, I'm going to try & write more often b/c there are so many things they do each day that make me say, "oooh! I should write that down, b/c if I don't, I'll forget!" It is so true. When teaching pre-school at church yesterday, I thought, how could the Israelites possibly forget that God parted the Red Sea and allowed them to safely pass, sparing their lives...yet, we say to each other, "Oh God, if you'll just heal me, I'll tell everyone it was You who did it," and then the next minute we say, "what cancer?" just as the Israelites said, "what Red Sea?" or as I'll soon say, "When were my boys in diapers? I must have missed that." The time passes sooo quickly! Make your 24 hours count today!

Love, Violet <><

Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Reunion

So this past weekend (June 20-22) we made our Annual trip to Wilder's family reunion in Mississippi. Before we left I made hair appointments so Dash & Romeo could get trimmed up for the trip. I'm designing a brochure for a hair stylist in our hometown, so we made a trade & she squeezed us in on Thursday before the trip. We went a bit short on Romeo...but I'm glad we did b/c it really fits his personality. He's ALWAYS stirring up something and looking ornery...but quickly recovers by flashing his sweet blue eyes & saying something sweet...ie: "Romeo, do you want a spankin'?" ...and then he'll squeal "nooOoOOoooO and run off." He's a mess. Anyway, among his many tricks, this weekend he learned how to give thumbs up...two thumbs. I'll have to post a new picture of that one so you can see how cute his little thumbs really are.

And, my big'un Dash...was exactly that this weekend...constantly dashing around this way & that...catching fish, eating sweet treats, posing for pictures, laughing, chasing his cousins....being chased by his cousins, riding in his Grampy's boat...and loving it. I tell you what-those boys slept REAL hard while we were there...and especially on the way home. I told my mom that today she'd be smart to take them to the pool and then lunch and to bed...b/c I'm not sure they'd make it much past that. They both fell out of the car this morning when I dropped them off on my way to work because they were soooOOooOoooO tired...poor dears.

...not to mention Wilder & I. Whew!! We got in at about 1 a.m. and, as you can imagine, were wore slap out.
I can't wait to get home this evening for a load of laundry and early to bed.
...until next time...be smart, be good.
Violet <><

Monday, June 16, 2008

Learning Spanish...

I just had to share this one...

For the past year, my discipler from church has challenged me to learn all of the books of the Bible. Well...I'm still trying and have been attempting to repeat them in groups of about 4 in front of the kids so they will learn as well....Well, yesterday was reciting them to Dash and got all the way to Jonah when I stopped and Dash said, " Good job Mom! It's so great you know Spanish! "

Oh man, that was great. I laughed my head off :)

Kids are the best! here's to you & your Spanish practice!
-Violet <><

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A trip to the park...

Good morning bloggers!

The kids, Nana and I enjoyed a nice trip to the park last week, that I just had to share with you!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chris is gone....hold on!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to begin this posting with something sad, as well as something cute...Last Friday (April 25) my son's and I went out for a walk & found two cans of unopened cat food in a yard (at which, I first said, "YES! score free cat food for Mom!"), and then as I started to walk away, I heard, "mew,mew." and, being the sucker that I am, I dug under the bushes, with two very curious kiddies looking at me as I dug in someone's yard & TA DA! I found a little blue eyed kitten! Of course, we could not keep it because my kids are too young to be trusted with such a delicate life, and we are hardly ever home enough to enjoy our dog, let alone a cat...with that said, the shelter said she was sure to be adopted quick since she was one of three waiting for adoption. And besides that, we kept her from getting run over on that busy neighborhood corner!

...okay, now onto the next cat adventure! When I was little, I had three cats...Buffy, Chris & Morty. Well, Buffy died about a year ago (at 22 years) and just recently, we noticed that Chris, the next oldest, was acting funny-like she'd had a stroke or something. With that said, she also got stiff when you tried to hold her, and was less responsive than usual, so we assumed her time was coming...and it was :( and so I prepared a bed for her in my Mom's laundry room so she'd be cosy when she passed. And I said good-bye to her (the day before I found the kitten) and wouldn't you know, she passed sometime in the night on Friday the 25th. Which is also ironic because we call her Christmas, "Chris" for short because I got her for Christmas (the 25th) when I was seven. And...Buffy, also passed on her 22nd birthday.

And, in acknowledging that these kitties both has nice, long, loved lives, we explained their passing to Dash & Romeo. And, not really knowing for sure what happens to animals when they die, we assume the best & told Dash they are in Pet Heaven. At which (quick as he is) Dash responded, "Can I hold on to her tail? I want to see God."

Oh how I do love my sweet children.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Violet <><

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doctor Visit...

Howdy howdy everyone!

Romeo had to go to the doctor on Monday for his 18 mo. shots and they weighed him in at 33 1/2 lbs & 36 1/2" tall!
When I got home I looked at Dash's baby book to see how big he was at about the same age...and at 2yrs old, Dash was 40 lbs & 36" tall...so, with Romeo still having 5 months to grow until he's 2, I say we have two (potentially) 6/over 6 footers on our hands! (Doctors say to double your height at 2 & that is how tall you'll be...which was true with me & my parents, so we'll see with them)

Anyway, all is well in the Dilessa household. Wilder is soon to be done wil night school in May! Whoopie! and hopefully that will lead him to his career of choice. Which, inthe meantime he is finding plenty to do between home repair projects & TWO part-time jobs. I'm sure God will lead upon graduation.

AND, on a sad note, my grandpa died last Friday night, March 7, 2008. He had been sick with bone cancer & we knew that it was terminal. It just progressed quicker than we'd hoped. However, because we know that he put his trust in Jesus, we are confident in his eternal location, and can find peace in knowing that we will one day see him again.

Thank you for your prayers-and I will post again soon.
In Christ, Violet

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is it really Wednesday?

Hello Everyone!
Wow! I can hardly believe it is Wednesday...Wilder and I have been busy preparing for an opportunity that he may have and I've been busy at work & at home...and surprisingly have even found time for taking 2 walks this week...but will be missing tonight because of a Wednesday night "pick-me-up" at church (I'm working the nursery!!), and will then find myself lost in Thursday before I know it!...that said, I'm writing to say I've really been blessed, and wanted to share this cute cute story with you...the other night Dash & I were reading his largely illustrated kids Bible, and at the bottom of each page is a question to ask your child to make sure he or she is "getting it." That said, I asked him, "Dash, what gifts has God given you-you, know, like a special talent?" and he said, "umm, umm...washing Nannie's dishes." (I tried not to laugh at that b/c of course, all he does is like to play with the sprayer...) Anyway, the next question was, "have you taken a moment to pray to God & thank him for that gift?" His response (immediately started praying), "Dear God, thank you for the ranch DIP we had at my party today, it was really yummy." HE THOUGHT I SAID "have you taken a moment to pray to God & thank him for that DIP?"!! Oh my, I laughed sooo hard...maybe you would have had to been there. Whew!
Anyway, here's a fun pic to post as well from Valentine's week (remember the "diaper pirates" I mentioned??).
Violet Dilessa <><

Friday, February 8, 2008


Here are 2 more Pics that I thought you'd enjoy...the drool is one of my faves. Wilder had put Romeo in a tree in the front yard, and all I can say is "look out below!"

And as for Dash, I actually found a moment that he was sitting down to snap this one...with Green Bean & her favorite squesky buffalo. And sadly, our pond looks terrible because of the blah "Alabama Winter" weather we've been having.

...which reminds me that I really need to get a new flag for out front b/c I know I'm making all of the neighbors sad by hanging out my spring flag. (It's either that, a scarecrow, or a nativity)...so I think I'll get a big one with a HEART for valentine's day...

speaking of, I'm SOOOO excited b/c my mom (God bless her) bought me & my hubby tickets to something very special in Huntsville on Saturday! ...in lieu of Valentine's Day, and we'll be double dating with my sister & her boyfriend, which is definitely double fun! I can't wait.

Well, until next time, enjoy these pics & I'll be sure & post more on Monday!

Be blessed,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

December Flashback...

Hello Everyone! Loooong time no speak, yet again!
I really must get more pics to post so you can see how big the boys are getting. It really is amazing how they grow. Dash is now 53lbs. & Romeo is trailing not far behind at 36lbs. We found this out from an icky dr.'s appt when the boys (and all of us really) were sick. Finally!! We are all getting over it except the coughing...which I'm sure will be soon to go.

I'm going to bring in my camera tomorrow so I can get started posting pics from our "Diaper Pirates" party we had last night. Dash grabbed 3 of Romeo's pull ups & gave one to each of us to wear while we reaced from one end of the house to the other, did flips, jumped on the chair, and started singing, "We are the Diaper Pirates who don't do anything" (if you've ever seen Veggie Tales, you're sure to have heard that one!) And, poor Wilder missed the whole thing b/c he was at night school (and will be until May)...but not to worry b/c I videoed (almost) the whole thing! ...and of course, Dash wanted to watch it when we were through & reading our night-time Bible stories.

Do you ever notice how kids remember things differently than adults...smaller things now were much bigger when we were kids, and all that? I remember being young & saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and thinking "witchitstands" was one word....well Dash does something similar with his dinner-time prayer...he "thankyooLorrdailybred, amen." I love it! He is so sweetie!

And as for Romeo...Nana has nicknamed him "captain Destruction" b/c as soon as he enters her house he starts throwing his food, pulling the magnets off the fridge, throwing the remote control, and then usually falls over b/c his belly is sSssooossoososossooo BIG. I really must post a pic of his belly. Anyway, other than that, he's wonderful & very sweet and very much "the baby." We are still working on talking, and right now his favorite words are : "ick" for just about anything he likes, doesn't like, or needs and "whazzat?" for what's that...also used for anything he likes, doesn't like, or needs.

Isn't it fun being a mom (or a Nana...hahaaahhaa-now she's going to kill me for sure!)?
I always love the phone call:
me: hi mom, how's it going
mom: fine we're just about to eat lunch
me: oh good, i'm glad to see everything'd going well
mom: what honey, i couldn't hear you, romeo is screaming in the other room
me: i said, i'm glad you're having fun. have the kids taken their medicine?
mom: yes, dash took his and then romeo took his cup & threw it at the bottle, which fell & poured it on the floor. romeo is stomping in it right now and laughing as he runs around the house. oh no, he slipped
me: well mom, i guess you better go. naptime should be soon
mom: did someone say Benedryl.
me: bye mom. love you.
mom: love you violet.
me/mom: click

To all of you who know exactly what I'm talking about, have a lovely day!