Friday, February 8, 2008


Here are 2 more Pics that I thought you'd enjoy...the drool is one of my faves. Wilder had put Romeo in a tree in the front yard, and all I can say is "look out below!"

And as for Dash, I actually found a moment that he was sitting down to snap this one...with Green Bean & her favorite squesky buffalo. And sadly, our pond looks terrible because of the blah "Alabama Winter" weather we've been having.

...which reminds me that I really need to get a new flag for out front b/c I know I'm making all of the neighbors sad by hanging out my spring flag. (It's either that, a scarecrow, or a nativity) I think I'll get a big one with a HEART for valentine's day...

speaking of, I'm SOOOO excited b/c my mom (God bless her) bought me & my hubby tickets to something very special in Huntsville on Saturday! lieu of Valentine's Day, and we'll be double dating with my sister & her boyfriend, which is definitely double fun! I can't wait.

Well, until next time, enjoy these pics & I'll be sure & post more on Monday!

Be blessed,

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