Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Morning...

Boys will be boys, or so the old adage goes.

I have realized that Dash is NOT a morning person. Each weekday morning, I quietly sneak into his room, carry him out & dress him while he is basically sleeping...except for the random kick at me and verbalization that he is cold. So...as is proven each day, when he finally opens his eyes, he HATES what he is wearing and says, "Oh no! Mom! Not my ___________!" ...whatever it may be on said day. EVEN THOUGH we lay out his clothes the night before...even the shoes! So, I've decided to give up. I may nudge in the Kelly Kids direction...but if it's a Transformer shirt, basketball shorts & lime green shoes that he chooses, then fine. I mean really, in the end, who gets hurt by his mal-fashion? Not me! Amen! So...I'm sure that millions of mothers will agree that when spying a clearance rack with the choice of an adorable tweed jacket and matching pants, or an electric green marvel comics track suit– buy the track suit.

NOW...on to today. Every morning, I pray with Dash before he gets on the bus for him to have a good day at school. During this morning's prayer, he interjected "and let it be a short one. Amen." I'm sure that made God laugh too.

Here's to boys & their mothers!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


My Mom & Dad surprised the kiddies with a new tractor since the one Dash had since he was 1 "fell" in the pool...somehow.
So, after school Dash & I spend 2 hours assembling the beast so when Romeo woke up, he'd be surprised with a new treat. And boy was he! Dash is a little big for it (think Shriner)...but he doesn't seem to care and this gator sure can GO! They took turns riding it around the back yard, and mushroom hunting in the neighbors yard...and racing cars on the sidewalk. All in all, a great way to wrap up a long week of school & work!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Harmony Park

We also went on a drive thru safari in Huntsville...which was awesome & a little scary...but we survived!
....and I totally recommend it!!

1st Day of School!!

Today Dash started Kindergarden!! I can hardly believe it...
And, as craziness typically follows this family, so it did today.
After dropping Dash off in his class and taking a few pics, Romeo & I made our way back to the truck...and I started getting a little teary. BUT THEN...I remembered that I'd left my keys in my purse...which was in the truck. Brilliant.
So, I made friends with a mom in a mini-van in the parking lot & she gave me a ride back home, and then my neighbor's son's dad gave Romeo & I a ride back to the school...and then home again. Joy! So, tomorrow I will be wearing a lanyard. Ha!
Have a wonderful day!
& welcome BACK TO SCHOOL!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had NO CLUE how much Romeo LOVES apples.

The other night I just finished folding laundry & decided to watch a movie and eat an apple.
It was about 10 O'Clock and Wiler & the boys were asleep...or so I thought....
After about 10 minutes of Jane Austen bliss, in pops Romeo with a BIG GRIN and a "hey mom."
Up on the bed he goes, and we're on our bellies sharing an apple and watching the love story continue.
So...we've eaten to what I suppose is done. We've got the core & two ends, so it looks like it's set to be thrown away when Romeo says, "more mom!" and reaches for the apple. I give it to him and the boy DEVOURS the WHOLE APPLE! Core, seeds, stem, spiky circle thing on the base. I would have taken a picture but I couldn't believe it. ...actually he did save me one seed and a little smidge, which I took a picture of later because I was in shock at the time.
Totally thinking, good for you son.

Waste not, want not.
-Violet <><

tiger suit.

So, Dash has found more fun this week.
He decided that he would be a tiger, everywhere we went.
....the grocery store, church (morning & evening), hiking, camping, to the landfill, to the animal shelter, to dominoes, to Lowes....
With the exception of my removing it to wash, he's been in it 24/7 since last Friday...the 24th.
And, he is currently on "restriction" for trying to "maul" his brother.
So, he is now a transformer...Optimus Prime to be specific, and Romeo is now Bumblebee.
...more than meets the eye.
Have a great day!!
Violet <><

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After seeing the bonus features on "Fireproof" my dear little Dash told me, "Mom, when I die, I'm goin' down in the ground."

And I was like, "what???"
..and he explained to me that I lied to him when I told him we go to heaven when we die. He continued that his Nana's cat died, she buried her in the ground––right in the back yard!! ..."down in the ground."

So, of course I went on to explain how we have a "soul" and that our body stays here on earth and that our soul goes to heaven...
And, then he asks, "so what's a soul?"
And I'm all...it's something you can't see, but God fills it up inside of you, and he interrupts and says, "I mean, what does it look like?"
And of course, I'm thinking, what can I say? I've never seen a "real soul"...only Hollywoods portrayal of souls in the movies, and who knows if that is really what it's like...and so I say, "I think it is like a clear fluid that just *ziiiip* goes up to heaven when we die."
(and I'm thinking that if I was him, I'd be like...well, it's too bad mom's fallen off her rocker, and been on too many ufo's...)

So, I'm still working on a "full description." But for now, I just changed the subject.