Monday, August 10, 2009

Harmony Park

We also went on a drive thru safari in Huntsville...which was awesome & a little scary...but we survived!
....and I totally recommend it!!

1st Day of School!!

Today Dash started Kindergarden!! I can hardly believe it...
And, as craziness typically follows this family, so it did today.
After dropping Dash off in his class and taking a few pics, Romeo & I made our way back to the truck...and I started getting a little teary. BUT THEN...I remembered that I'd left my keys in my purse...which was in the truck. Brilliant.
So, I made friends with a mom in a mini-van in the parking lot & she gave me a ride back home, and then my neighbor's son's dad gave Romeo & I a ride back to the school...and then home again. Joy! So, tomorrow I will be wearing a lanyard. Ha!
Have a wonderful day!
& welcome BACK TO SCHOOL!