Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture Perfect Rose...

Hello Bloggers & Bloggettes!

Okay...so this morning, my sweetie pie hubby decided to surprise me by putting a fresh-cut rose in my car (in a water bottle)... and I noticed this when I was putting the kids in the car this morning before heading to work. Well, Dash was also pleased with Daddy's offering, and whipped out his Buzz Lightyear (toy) cell-phone & began clicking the button to mimic taking pictures of the rose. he then proceeded to say, "I need to zoom-out," snapped a few more shots, and then keyed in a random set of numbers & said, I'm texting this to Nana. Of course he was. So, expect a post later today of the blessed rose, much adored.

Ahh technology...to the budding eyes of a 4 year old.

Have a great day!!
Violet <><

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gotta love the kids!

Hey there!
Well, here is some more news...Dash has officially grown up. This week he & Romeo started preschool at my mom's church & they are both doing fabulously!! I am so excited! Dash is learning the letter "I" & "i" and they are learning the word "indian" and have even learned a little song that is sooooo sooo soo cute! It starts out, "who's that peeking out from behind that tree? who's that shooting a bow & arrow? who's that grinding corn for cornbread? who's that riding a horse so wild? it's an indian child." AND, there are movements! You should see him pretend to shoot his bow & arrow! He truly looks like Robin Hood....or Squanto. I love it! Great job teachers! AND, Romeo is touting that he has learned to count to 9! ..granted you can make out what he is saying, which is really cute as he puts up each finger, mumbling another word. AND, I officially started my Tues/Wed/Thurs part time schedule which allows me to work until 1:30 & then go get the kiddies! ...which is great b/c I've been working on my freelance pieces at home while they nap. So...all in all a great week!

AND, to top it all off, I ended last week with a HUGE HURRAH as I was able to visit with my long-time friend and college roomate, Neruda!! She was visiting with her new baby & hubby!...also named Wilder! Very cool!And, they are so very happy to be moving from Germany to ENGLAND for the next three years! Which I am extremely excited for her (and for me) about b/c now the family & I have someone very EXCELLENT to visit while we're over there!! Yippie!

I have posted pics Dash took of us at dinner for your amusement. Her baby is sooo adorable! And with very squishy thighs...just the way we like 'em!

God Bless & happy Friday!
Violet <><