Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture Perfect Rose...

Hello Bloggers & Bloggettes!

Okay...so this morning, my sweetie pie hubby decided to surprise me by putting a fresh-cut rose in my car (in a water bottle)... and I noticed this when I was putting the kids in the car this morning before heading to work. Well, Dash was also pleased with Daddy's offering, and whipped out his Buzz Lightyear (toy) cell-phone & began clicking the button to mimic taking pictures of the rose. he then proceeded to say, "I need to zoom-out," snapped a few more shots, and then keyed in a random set of numbers & said, I'm texting this to Nana. Of course he was. So, expect a post later today of the blessed rose, much adored.

Ahh technology...to the budding eyes of a 4 year old.

Have a great day!!
Violet <><

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