Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After seeing the bonus features on "Fireproof" my dear little Dash told me, "Mom, when I die, I'm goin' down in the ground."

And I was like, "what???"
..and he explained to me that I lied to him when I told him we go to heaven when we die. He continued that his Nana's cat died, she buried her in the ground––right in the back yard!! ..."down in the ground."

So, of course I went on to explain how we have a "soul" and that our body stays here on earth and that our soul goes to heaven...
And, then he asks, "so what's a soul?"
And I'm's something you can't see, but God fills it up inside of you, and he interrupts and says, "I mean, what does it look like?"
And of course, I'm thinking, what can I say? I've never seen a "real soul"...only Hollywoods portrayal of souls in the movies, and who knows if that is really what it's like...and so I say, "I think it is like a clear fluid that just *ziiiip* goes up to heaven when we die."
(and I'm thinking that if I was him, I'd be like...well, it's too bad mom's fallen off her rocker, and been on too many ufo's...)

So, I'm still working on a "full description." But for now, I just changed the subject.

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