Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mom's top ten list

This week has been fun.

I have learned a great number of things that toddlers & preschoolers can do in less than 1 minute.

Here are my top 10:
10. Unscrew the lid on a childproof bottle
9. GUM has MANY uses
8. find your lipstick....and use it.
7. Paint their big toes
6. attempt to cook top ramen noodles
5. remove child-lock from refrigerator and run wildly while popping the top on a root beer
4. feed the fish...ALL of the fish food
3. pee. on anything available.
2. undress completely, including shoes and socks.

And finally, for my big #1 of the top 10....
1. find the "baby vicks" jar and use it like hair gel or comparable hair cream.

And, as a tip...even after 10 washes with baby soap, head and shoulders, bath & body works hand soap, dishwashing soap, and good old fashioned grit, your child's hair will STILL be greasy and STILL smell like vicks vapor rub.



jhd said...

Your so funny!! I'm glad you came to the Women's Retreat!! It was good talking to you!! I love your blog....it makes me laugh. Plus I can see them doing these things..LOL


Samandafarms said...

Hey JHD! I was glad to find out that SOMEONE was a fan of my craziness! And I'm glad it was you! Have a great day JHD! :)

Darla said...