Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had NO CLUE how much Romeo LOVES apples.

The other night I just finished folding laundry & decided to watch a movie and eat an apple.
It was about 10 O'Clock and Wiler & the boys were asleep...or so I thought....
After about 10 minutes of Jane Austen bliss, in pops Romeo with a BIG GRIN and a "hey mom."
Up on the bed he goes, and we're on our bellies sharing an apple and watching the love story continue.
So...we've eaten to what I suppose is done. We've got the core & two ends, so it looks like it's set to be thrown away when Romeo says, "more mom!" and reaches for the apple. I give it to him and the boy DEVOURS the WHOLE APPLE! Core, seeds, stem, spiky circle thing on the base. I would have taken a picture but I couldn't believe it. ...actually he did save me one seed and a little smidge, which I took a picture of later because I was in shock at the time.
Totally thinking, good for you son.

Waste not, want not.
-Violet <><

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