Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Morning...

Boys will be boys, or so the old adage goes.

I have realized that Dash is NOT a morning person. Each weekday morning, I quietly sneak into his room, carry him out & dress him while he is basically sleeping...except for the random kick at me and verbalization that he is cold. So...as is proven each day, when he finally opens his eyes, he HATES what he is wearing and says, "Oh no! Mom! Not my ___________!" ...whatever it may be on said day. EVEN THOUGH we lay out his clothes the night before...even the shoes! So, I've decided to give up. I may nudge in the Kelly Kids direction...but if it's a Transformer shirt, basketball shorts & lime green shoes that he chooses, then fine. I mean really, in the end, who gets hurt by his mal-fashion? Not me! Amen! So...I'm sure that millions of mothers will agree that when spying a clearance rack with the choice of an adorable tweed jacket and matching pants, or an electric green marvel comics track suit– buy the track suit.

NOW...on to today. Every morning, I pray with Dash before he gets on the bus for him to have a good day at school. During this morning's prayer, he interjected "and let it be a short one. Amen." I'm sure that made God laugh too.

Here's to boys & their mothers!

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