Thursday, February 7, 2008

December Flashback...

Hello Everyone! Loooong time no speak, yet again!
I really must get more pics to post so you can see how big the boys are getting. It really is amazing how they grow. Dash is now 53lbs. & Romeo is trailing not far behind at 36lbs. We found this out from an icky dr.'s appt when the boys (and all of us really) were sick. Finally!! We are all getting over it except the coughing...which I'm sure will be soon to go.

I'm going to bring in my camera tomorrow so I can get started posting pics from our "Diaper Pirates" party we had last night. Dash grabbed 3 of Romeo's pull ups & gave one to each of us to wear while we reaced from one end of the house to the other, did flips, jumped on the chair, and started singing, "We are the Diaper Pirates who don't do anything" (if you've ever seen Veggie Tales, you're sure to have heard that one!) And, poor Wilder missed the whole thing b/c he was at night school (and will be until May)...but not to worry b/c I videoed (almost) the whole thing! ...and of course, Dash wanted to watch it when we were through & reading our night-time Bible stories.

Do you ever notice how kids remember things differently than adults...smaller things now were much bigger when we were kids, and all that? I remember being young & saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and thinking "witchitstands" was one word....well Dash does something similar with his dinner-time prayer...he "thankyooLorrdailybred, amen." I love it! He is so sweetie!

And as for Romeo...Nana has nicknamed him "captain Destruction" b/c as soon as he enters her house he starts throwing his food, pulling the magnets off the fridge, throwing the remote control, and then usually falls over b/c his belly is sSssooossoososossooo BIG. I really must post a pic of his belly. Anyway, other than that, he's wonderful & very sweet and very much "the baby." We are still working on talking, and right now his favorite words are : "ick" for just about anything he likes, doesn't like, or needs and "whazzat?" for what's that...also used for anything he likes, doesn't like, or needs.

Isn't it fun being a mom (or a Nana...hahaaahhaa-now she's going to kill me for sure!)?
I always love the phone call:
me: hi mom, how's it going
mom: fine we're just about to eat lunch
me: oh good, i'm glad to see everything'd going well
mom: what honey, i couldn't hear you, romeo is screaming in the other room
me: i said, i'm glad you're having fun. have the kids taken their medicine?
mom: yes, dash took his and then romeo took his cup & threw it at the bottle, which fell & poured it on the floor. romeo is stomping in it right now and laughing as he runs around the house. oh no, he slipped
me: well mom, i guess you better go. naptime should be soon
mom: did someone say Benedryl.
me: bye mom. love you.
mom: love you violet.
me/mom: click

To all of you who know exactly what I'm talking about, have a lovely day!

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