Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chris is gone....hold on!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to begin this posting with something sad, as well as something cute...Last Friday (April 25) my son's and I went out for a walk & found two cans of unopened cat food in a yard (at which, I first said, "YES! score free cat food for Mom!"), and then as I started to walk away, I heard, "mew,mew." and, being the sucker that I am, I dug under the bushes, with two very curious kiddies looking at me as I dug in someone's yard & TA DA! I found a little blue eyed kitten! Of course, we could not keep it because my kids are too young to be trusted with such a delicate life, and we are hardly ever home enough to enjoy our dog, let alone a cat...with that said, the shelter said she was sure to be adopted quick since she was one of three waiting for adoption. And besides that, we kept her from getting run over on that busy neighborhood corner!

...okay, now onto the next cat adventure! When I was little, I had three cats...Buffy, Chris & Morty. Well, Buffy died about a year ago (at 22 years) and just recently, we noticed that Chris, the next oldest, was acting funny-like she'd had a stroke or something. With that said, she also got stiff when you tried to hold her, and was less responsive than usual, so we assumed her time was coming...and it was :( and so I prepared a bed for her in my Mom's laundry room so she'd be cosy when she passed. And I said good-bye to her (the day before I found the kitten) and wouldn't you know, she passed sometime in the night on Friday the 25th. Which is also ironic because we call her Christmas, "Chris" for short because I got her for Christmas (the 25th) when I was seven. And...Buffy, also passed on her 22nd birthday.

And, in acknowledging that these kitties both has nice, long, loved lives, we explained their passing to Dash & Romeo. And, not really knowing for sure what happens to animals when they die, we assume the best & told Dash they are in Pet Heaven. At which (quick as he is) Dash responded, "Can I hold on to her tail? I want to see God."

Oh how I do love my sweet children.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Violet <><

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