Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit with an old friend (who is now almost a lawyer...he'll find out his bar exam results in September) in Tuscaloosa. It was a great visit & the kids really gave him a run for his money (he doesn't have any kids yet) :) Unfortunately my camera is broken at the moment (as mom is continuing to search for the receipt from Christmas) so I don't have any pictures to share right now :( But I can say it was a good day, and we enjoyed catching up & seeing the arboretum. Dash jumped in puddles & rolled in mud & we all sweated a great deal. Wilder got to see the continued cob construction that was started o so long ago (in 2004) and finally, IT RAINED!! Praise the Lord for bringing rain to Alabama! Bring it again Lord, we'll be ready!

(I'm posting a picture we took a few months ago when we were working on said cob sonstruction at the arboretum)

Have a great day!
Violet <><

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