Monday, October 22, 2007

long time no speak...

Howdy Folks! I've been sooooo BUSY I haven't had a moment to blog..and even so, I'm stealing a moment of time now to give a quick update..the kiddies are getting HUGE! Wilder loves his new job-although VERY stressful. We bought a NEW TRUCK which is very cool, but if you don't watch out it will cause your head to I'm trying to keep the winder's rolled down. In the meantime, I'll try to blog again this week...I lost the cable to my camera so downloading pictures has been costly-I HAVE TO BUY A CORD...TODAY!!! so I can get back in business. Speaking of, I've been working a bit on my photo-business and workinging with another gal from my town which has been going very well...we're shooting another wedding this weekend at my mom's church, so that should be fun. In the meantime, enjoy a few pics of the boys having a good time down south with their cousins.

Until next time...
God Bless,
Violet <><

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