Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too much FUN!

So far so good says the new stay-at-home mom!
I haven't laughed this hard in a LoOoOoOOoOOOOooooOOOOng time :)
These boys keep me rolling...on the floor, literally.

The other day, Dash MICROWAVED A WORM!! Then, he tried to feed the crusty leftovers to our goldfish! ...almost killed it as it tried to swallow a petrified rock-like stick...that used to be a worm. I had to catch it in a net and pull it out of the goldfish.

Not funny enough for ya? Well, in his typical style..I had left for a Dr's appointment and had Nana babyistting, whom they know they have pinkie-finger skills with. So, as soon as I was out the door, Romeo hog-tied her in his bathroom while Dash sprinted for my bathroom, grabbed my scissors and snipped a clump from his bangs. He then proceeded to brag to Nana and show her exactly what he did, complete with shelf climbing and toilet seat balancing–and then finished up by giving himself a BIG THUMBS UP in the mirror sand saying, "Way to go Dash!"

And, for the closer...to show what a GENIUS my eldest child is....yesterday we were reviewing our letters when Dash pointed out that the letter "K" looks like a "T" that fell on the letter "l."

Brilliance in the making, I'm telling you.
So, in the meantime, I'll be making more notes to update you again...and you keep reading!
God Bless!

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