Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kids say the derndest things..

Well, since I ranted for so long in my last post, I really only have time for bullet points about the kiddies:

- Dash learned the letter "K" to which he felt looked like a "T" had fallen on a "I"...which I though was very intuitive.
- Romeo calls cutting with scissors "pinching" the paper
- Dash cut his bangs, and looked in the mirror and gave himself a BIG thumbs up and said, "way to go Dash!"
- Dash rode the belt at Kroger the other day and gave the checker a barcode to scan to ring him up
- Dash microwaved a worm and tried to kill our goldfish because the worm was as hard as a rock and I had to pull it out with my hand. EWWWW!
- Romeo loves "MILKIE" and can get the gallon jug and hoist up on the counter whenever he wants more
- When asked, "what do you want for dinner?" Romeo almost always responds "old candy."
- When asked, "what do you want for dinner?" Dash almost always responds "chicken and french fries."
- The other day I took a pregnancy test and Dash asked me, "Mom, when you peed on the thermometer, what did it say?"
- If left in the tub together, boys WILL pee on each other's heads.
- Dash says that if he catches one of the rats that ate our car, he would shoot it 6 times.
- Dash wants to be "Sporticus" from Nick Jr. when he grows up, or a garbage man.
- Dash believes in Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy, even though I've told him the truth/history, he tells me I'm wrong.
- Romeo does at least one handstand EVERY DAY. I can't stop him.

Being a mom is REALLY great!!
Violet <><

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