Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pic of my sis

There's one great thing about sisters.
Even when you're singing JESUS LOVES ME or THE HOKEY POKEY at the top of your lungs, you can still keep a straight face knowing that as long as you keep singing, the baby won't cry.

...and really, there are a lot of great things about sisters, but since my kids have almost sucked my brain out, that is almost all I can think of for now.

Well okay, I have one more.

Also, sisters always like food. And eating food together is preferred. However, if unavailable because the baby is needing something, half-understood conversations are also allowable. Especially if the other has a toddler playing chopsticks on the table while the other pre-schooler tells the waitress she's an idiot for taking away the plates to early or for telling your aunt that a much-needed stroller is a "fire hazard."

Most people who don't have kids will NEVER understand this.
Love you Staria!
Pop Tarts!
Violet <><

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