Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Lips

Oh My!
Dash truly topped himself on Saturday!
Wilder had called me outside for a minute to help him in the back yard. Well, I had just set up the game "Hi Ho Cherry-O" in the boys room so we could play a game or so and I assumed they';d dump the cherry's on the floor while I was gone...but I did not expect this.
Dash had decided that he would try & put his lips inside one of the barrels that holds the cherries. I man, this barrel is like 1.5" in diameter. Tiny, tiny. And so, he used his full suction power & proudly came to the back yard to show me...and of course, I freaked out & immediately made him remove the barrel and to my astonishment, his lips had grown 3x their regular size. I mean, this was horrific...bruised, BIG, purple...but really REALLY funny-and definitely picture-worthy.

So, here he is with giant self-induced lips.


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Darla said...

that's amazing! i wouldn't think you could do that without mechanical assistance. Love, DAD